Various Government reports with a large range of focuses. From the economics and benefits to the local region to the implementation and successful running of Rail trails

Reports Relating to Rail Trails for Further Reading

NSW Rail Trails Framework Prepared by the Department of Regional NSW, the NSW Rail Trails Framework (the Framework) will expedite the development of Rail Trails across NSW by clarifying the proposal and approval process, as well as providing guidance for general Rail Trail operation and maintenance.
Canberra to Port of Eden Feasibility Study The Canberra to Port of Eden Rail Feasibility Study has found that the project is not viable.
Monaro Rail Trail’s Response to the Feasibility Report MRT Supports the feasibility report and offers suggestions on future actions
Monaro Rail Trail Feasibility Report (Draft) The feasibility report prepared for the Snowy Monaro Regional Council
Snowy Monaro Destination Management Plan 2019 The Snowy Monaro Regional Council (SMRC), in partnership with the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet commissioned a Destination Management Plan (DMP) for the newly formed Snowy Monaro Local Government Area. The plan has a local focus, though aligns with the Destination Southern NSW DMP and Destination NSW tourism objectives.
Monaro Rail Trail Pre-feasibility Assessment 2018 This study was a broad look at the case for establishing a recreational trail for cyclists, walkers and runners along the 213 km of the disused rail corridor. It looked at strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and gave some indicative assessments of economic benefits and costs.
Northern Rivers Bio-security Risk Assessment North Coast Local Land Services was engaged by Tweed Shire Council to prepare an independent biosecurity risk assessment for the railway corridor land between Crabbes Creek and Murwillumbah Railway Station, which is proposed for conversion to a shared pedestrian user path. Key stakeholders such as local landholders, state government and industry groups were involved in the process.
New Zealand Cycle Trail Design Guide 2019 This guide compiles information from a number of existing guides, referring directly to them for more detail if needed. These other guides provide specific information relating to different components of the NZCT, whether they be mountain bike tracks, rail trails, urban cycle paths or sections of quiet country roads.
Victorian Cycle Strategy 2018-2028 The Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28 vision is that we will increase the number, frequency and diversity of Victorians cycling for transport by investing in a safer, lower-stress, better-connected network, prioritising strategic cycling corridors and making cycling a more inclusive experience.
Southern Destination Management Plan 2018 (NSW) The Destination Southern NSW Regional Destination Management Plan identifies and informs strategic directions and themes that will encourage growth of the region’s visitor economy. DSNSW Region is a truly unique part of New South Wales and Australia that offers a diversity of experiences and landscapes like no other.
Faster Horses, Cycle Tourism Segmentation 2018 (WA) In recognition of cycle tourism’s role as a growing niche market, Tourism WA recently funded WestCycle to prepare a draft Cycle Tourism Strategy for Western Australia. The draft Strategy identified two main segments within the cycle tourism market: Destination Cycle Tourists, and Cyclists While on Holiday.
ACT Cycle Strategy 2018 This strategy aims to provide a roadmap to assist the ACT Government and key stakeholders, including the private sector, achieve the long-term ambition that Canberra and the region will be recognised as Australia’s cycling destination of choice.
Tourism and Transport Plan 2018 Regional NSW, from its outstanding food and wine regions to its pristine beaches and World Heritage listed, awe-inspiring landscapes, is a diverse patchwork of exploration and relaxation possibilities for visitors of any age from around the world. Whether visitors come from within NSW, interstate or overseas, transport plays a vital role in their experience.
Biosecurity Risks associated with Rail Trails 2017 A strategic risk assessment of the biosecurity risks associated with rail trails and prepared for Tumbarumba to Rosewood rail trail NSW.
South East and Tablelands 2017 The South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 is our blueprint for the next two decades - reflecting community and stakeholder aspirations and opportunities for balanced growth, while protecting the region’s amazing natural environment.
New Zealand Cycle Trails 2016 (NZ) This report is a preliminary cost benefit analysis of the Great Rides of Nga Haerenga, the New Zealand Cycle Trail.